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Other Interests

My Garden

Armidale autumn colours


My garden is a mixture of exotic and native  plants.  We have towering gums, nectar-sweet grevilleas, callistemon and wattles that attract birds. We have native grasses and delicate fringed lilies that spring up unannounced.  Many flowers have come from family and friends.

I have always loved plants and gardens.  I remember walking with my grandfather in his vegetable garden when I was very small. 
I watched my grandmother tending her ferns and flowers. 
On summer evenings as I grew up, my pleasure was to go with my Mum arm in arm around her garden, enjoying fragrances and inspecting each new bud about to open. 

My garden is a place for my grandchildren to explore. It is a place of wonder and peace. A place for happiness.



Having donkeys in the family is fun.  They were wonderful pets for our three children to ride and I enjoyed many outings in the donkey cart pulled by Bristol, our first donkey, or Trymble. Donkeys live a long time.  Trymble was thirty when he died in 2005 and for the first time in 33 years, we now have no donkey.  Hope, Trymble’s companion, was lonely.  She spent her last two years with many other donkeys at the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary near Clarencetown.  

Other Animals

From an early age I wanted to live on a farm.  When our children were beginning high school, we built a house on a few acres out of town and our donkeys were thrilled.  I found two goats to share the grass with them. You can see from the pictures that I love cats and dogs too.


  The gallery

The Evans family owns a gallery in Uralla which isn't far from Armidale. It is filled with wonderful paintings, drawings and calligraphy done by my late husband David, and ceramic pottery made by my first son, Michael.

This is an oil painting, but David also used watercolour, acrylic, ink and pencil in his work.

Michael specialises in crystaline pots. It is a difficult process but the crystals formed are beautiful.

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