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In 2015 I began a new series of e-books on Amazon about storytelling.

The first one is Tales for Toddlers. This is a collection of my stories that I have told to toddlers between two and three years of age. I give ideas of how to prepare aids and plan a storytelling session for each story in the book.

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Tales to Tell to Preschoolers is a companion volume to Tales for Toddlers. It has 31 stories for three, four and five-year-olds that children will love. There are ideas for preparing storytelling aids using feltboards, toys, dolls, drama , things from nature and food. The book is a must have resource for early childhood teachers and students and all those who care for preschool children.  

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Caring for Grandchildren: How to Meet the Challenges

Many grandparents care part time for their grandchildren and have much pleasure from the experience. Sometimes, however, grandparents become the primary caregivers of their grandchildren because of a family crisis. The children might come to you because of domestic violence, the death of a parent, drug or alcohol problems, mental health issues or other challenging situations. How will you cope? What can you do to help the children? Who can you turn to for advice?

This book outlines the responsibilities grandparents face. It gives practical tips on how to help the children face challenges as well as tips to help you, the grandparents cope with the changes in your lives.


 Here is part of a review by June Keir

This is a great, common sense guide for those grandparents who are in the situation of having to bring up their grandchildren. Helen has a wealth of experience with small children to back her opinions and advice. This book is a must-read for any grandparent who is bringing up a grandchild.

In 2013, I began writing e-books for publication on Amazon. The first series is called The Busy Mothers' Guides. Read about them below and click on the Amazon links.

Here is what Ann Pryosusilo said about the book

A very practical guide. Full of good tips for caring for a baby presented in a concise and very accessible form.



The Busy Mothers’ Guide to Happy Babies

Talking to and playing with your baby is one of the delights of being a parent. But what can you do what your baby cries? How can you communicate? Can you help your baby to develop skills? This book outlines easy to follow, safe sensory activities babies will love.  Mobiles, tickling rhymes, toys, books, music, messy play and creative ideas are suggested for each stage of development. These activities will keep your baby happy. Mums and dads, family members and child educators will love these ideas for babies from birth to 17 months of age.



The Busy Mothers’ Guide to Happy Toddlers 

Toddlers are delightful little people who will both charm and challenge their parents and carers. They thrive on being busy, playing, exploring, helping, creating and talking. What are the best toys to buy? Which games and activities will help toddlers to develop skills?

This book outlines safe, sensory activities to help develop physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language skills in toddlers aged 18 to 36 months. .


Here is a review by Pauline Young 


This delightful book is both practical and creative.  It has many tips on how to introduce your toddler to the world without fuss and bother.  It takes you through the stages of a toddler's development with many examples of what you can do to make this phase of development enjoyable.  Lovely photos illustrate the text.  I have a toddler grandchild and I found this book most enlightening.
Pauline Young.




The Busy Mothers' Guide to Happy Preschoolers

Between three to five years of age children are busy, busy little people. This book will help parents, carers and educators to plan fun activities in essential learning areas.

Play ideas  include cooking, music, storytelling, maths, science, outdoor games and craft.

There are also hints on organizing play spaces.


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Here is a review of the above book by Robyn Collins, writer and former school Principal

Helen Evans is a former preschool director, and it shows. The strength of this book is that it explains complex development simply and in ways accessible to both parents and early childhood teachers. It covers physical, social, creative, cognitive, emotional and reading development and gives helpful advice about what you can expect a child to do, and not do, at a particular age.

The activities described throughout the book are easy for any parent to provide, and generally cost nothing. One thing I enjoyed was Evans' commonsense approach to child safety. She cautions about safety and makes clear when children need supervision, but also provides advice to ensure that children are free to be children. This is the third of a series of books on childhood development by Helen Evans and her expertise and love of children shines in each one. I recommend all three.


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Helen has always been interested in animals and their welfare. Here is information about her 2013 book Let's Get a Pet


Pets bring pleasure into the lives of millions of people, but owning a pet has responsibilities. Animals can give you love and companionship, but a wrong choice can be a nightmare. This book will help you to make a wise choice. It outlines the basic care of the most popular pets, safety measures, diseases that can be passed on from animals to humans, and the best places to buy pets.

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Here is June Keir's review of Let's Get a Pet

Let's Get a Pet is a very readable and useful book for anyone considering getting a pet for the first time. The book gives details of what to consider when thinking about that first pet, or even a different type of pet from what an owner may have previously owned. It gives tips on what to look for when selecting a pet and on how to care for that pet once it is at home. There is also some advice about the care of the pet and safety for the family when interacting with the pet.
Helen Evans has used a friendly tone to convey this information which makes the book an easy but informative read. I would reccommend this book to anyone who is thinking of getting a pet.


Three of Helen's tactile books have been published by Writer's Exchange E-Publishing.  You can buy them by going to my author's page at the following link at Reader's Eden :


Humpty and Beatriz



When Humpty and Beatriz go to see the Tall Ships, disaster   strikes.
Humpty falls overboard and floats away. 
Will Beatriz ever find him again?

The Christmas Dragon

Grandma had put on her red hat and black boots! Something magic was bound to happen. 

"Come on,” said Grandma.  She took Beatriz by the hand.
Beatriz tingled with excitement. Could she try some magic of her own?



Finian’s Magnificent Ice Cream Machine

Finian had an idea. “I will build a super-duper machine.     It will make the best ice creams in the world.  They will have magnificent colours and tantalizing tastes. They will never run out, whatever the weather.”

Reluctant Heroes is also available as an e-book. go to this link